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Like every other woman, I feel desire and arousal; my responses are the same.I guess they depend largely on what my partner and I are doing at the time!Woman E: I've got a love/hate relationship with my body. In my head, I can still do the things I used to "pre-MS" but my body just goes, nah, we're not doing that!

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'I knew I had sound checks and rehearsals to get through, which added to the stress,' says Cheryl, 57, who lives in Kent with her guitarist husband Steve Stroud, 59, and twin daughters Kyla and Natalie, 17.

Both nuclear weapons and peaceful nuclear technology are enormously technical in nature.

Since Hollywood never lets boring facts get in the way of an engaging yarn, this allows some truly mind-bending violations of physics to make it by most audiences.

Woman A: Dysautonomia, which causes chronic fatigue, dehydration, fainting, and I also have an immune deficiency disease, which means I have a greater susceptibility to infections and a harder time than normal fighting them off. Woman D: I've had Ehlers-Danlos all my life, but it got a lot worse when I was 23.

Woman C: Because of my specific disability, I have to be almost hyperaware of my physical body and specifically my heart rate at all times.As my pain worsened and I have become more limited, this isn't an option anymore. I am unable to do a lot of everyday things because of my pain, which I have a tendency to blame on my body.