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This is a project I’ve been working on as a art director and graphic designer this autumn.It’s a catalogue for a housing project in Stureby in Stockholm, and the apartments (which are currently up on the market) are created by Swedish architecture agency Liljewall and sold by Stockholm based real estater Nine Door Properties.Handmaids wear red dresses and Jane Austin-esque hoods, the wives green, and the men are all dressed in black.The story takes its time painting up the setting for Offreds tale, but it never gets boring. This 9 weeks old pomeranian pup entered my life and became the center of cuteness. Or This is a review of the first three episodes of MGM Televisions new drama, The Handmaid’s Tale. In a very near future, US natality suddenly drops and desperation sets in, soon after someone kills the president and most of the government.

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But where other works of dystopian science fiction blames a third world war or the collapse of global economy, The Handmaids Tale is all about the growth of conservative powers, where Man uses religion and gender-oppression as tools of power.

And the serie is created by Bruce Miller, who also produced The 100.