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25-Jul-2017 22:00

But then the sun came out, and we did a whole bunch of pictures. She went to Harvard Business School specifically for Tyra Beauty. It's going back to first grade and learning to draw—you're just doing it on your face. And It's Stunning• Brooke Shields on Her New M.

"A lot of people were wondering why I went to Harvard Business School, and I couldn't say why. A lot of deals in our industry are licensing deals. You sit and you develop stuff with them, and you put it out. She designed all the Tyra Beauty products in stick form. That's why all the Tyra products are in a stick.

So when it comes to starting her first makeup line, it wasn't going to be a palette of boring nude eye shadows.

Instead, picture vibrant fuchsia lipsticks, jet-black liquid liner, and highlighting and contouring sticks.

I hopped on the phone with Banks to find out more about Tyra Beauty—here's what I learned.1.

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Unfortunately, right now I was only confident that I was Here is Wiki How’s suggestion on how to start a conversation with a stranger: “You seem like a math whiz. ” I wasn’t sure if this was directed at high school students still in math class, if Wiki How wanted me to have a boyfriend who was good at math, or if this would work for I did not know that Tyra Banks wrote advice for Wiki How! Banks, who after a successful modeling career has launched a slew of ventures including television shows, an app for taking selfies (now shuttered), and makeup company, shared some of the lessons she has learned over the years on Tuesday at a technology conference hosted by the in Laguna Beach, Calif.

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