Transexual support chat free dating sites western cape

15-Jun-2017 21:42

It is for those who are seeking others of similar age for support in realization of one’s gender identity, help with coming out, transition concerns, and anything else that members wish to bring up. URL: Fairfield County CT Transmasculine Society For people in and around Fairfield County, CT, in the United States.

BATS is an LGBTIQ-friendly safe space, with confidentiality respected among members. URL: FTM-UK For FTM-identified people in the United Kingdom. (FTM discussion in Italian.) URL: FTM Madison Group The Madison FTM/Genderqueer group is a peer-led, non-professional social/support group for FTMs, genderqueers, transsexual men, drag kings, butches, intersex folks, Transmen, and anyone else assigned female at birth who identifies more masculinely.

They are not for cisgender parents of Trans children.

URL: Transgender Michigan For Trans and genderqueer folks in Michigan, United States.

URL: Atlanta FTM For FTM-spectrum people and their SOFFAs in and around Atlanta, Georgia, United States.

The following is a comprehensive, but not exhaustive, list of Transgender/non-binary/intersex chats. URL: irc:// Recover Your Life For the support and distraction of people who self-harm.

For IRC channels, if you have an IRC client installed already, simply click the IRC link to join the chat. IRC: irc:// Trans Trans chat. Open to everyone – not Trans-specific or GLBT-specific, but supportive.

URL: Transmen Asia For FTM-spectrum folks and their partners in Asia.

URL: Van Guys For FTM-spectrum-identified and -questioning folks in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

URL: Trans Men Asia For FTM-spectrum folks and their partners in Asia. For those questioning their gender identity; Transsexual and Transgender people, out or not, in any stage of transition; friends, partners and family members; professionals and students.

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