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3) Leverage Your Friends You can’t grow a group huge without the help of other people.Groups go viral because people invite their friends to join.If your initial network hasn’t reach 500 people you will have a hard time getting enough momentum for your group to take off.

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Get a striking image and then use photo shop to add some text on top of the picture.

Launching a successful Facebook group is a definite art.

If you are thinking of starting a new group or already have an existing group, here are a few essential pointers to get you going viral and effortlessly attract new members.

Create the content for your group before you launch and tell people what you are doing.

6) Turn Your Group Launch Into An Event By turning your group launch into an event you automatically stand out and get noticed.

For Ideas look at the groups that have grown to over 1000 members and compare the names to those that that are still stuck at around 150 members.

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