My neighbours are intimidating me

02-Jul-2017 12:36

Once I was done, I left my wife to serve the food, while I took the exit door and went in through the front door, pretending I was at a neighbour’s.

Complimenting my wife, they ate the food and left soon after.

They too have turned ambassadors of Emilinks preaching the quality and advantages of its products to all and sundry. #Emilinks #My Door Story #Day18 2) Segzy – #Emilinks #My Door Story #Day 18 My mom’s sisters paid my wife and i an unexpected visit recently.

The last time I tried to stop them, they had made life miserable for my wife, when we went to the village for Christmas.Its amazing watching them grow from day one to weeks, weeks to Months and Months to years.Do you know keeping babies can be so provoking, disturbing and stressful if you don’t organize your apartment with reliable Furniture from #Emilinks#.The #Emilinks #My Door Story N3,000,000 Giveaway is still on and each day for the past 18 days, 10 lucky people have gotten N10,000 for sharing photos of doors and the importance of the doors.

More winners will be picked before the end of the month!But the joy on my wife’s face at avoiding another family drama, was worth every penny i spent changing our doors and wardrobes to Emilinks!

But let’s hope that we can forget all about Media Player issues and other annoying problems once Service Pack 1 For Windows 7 is bought out to the public.… continue reading »

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