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09-Jun-2017 10:01

If you thought his penchant for youngins would stop with D. Though the alum is approaching his 40s (he’s currently 37), he found a girl who’s approaching her mid-20s to be his latest squeeze: Chantel Jeffries. If you’re wondering how you know her name, she reportedly dated Justin Bieber, who’s about her own age, in 2014 (and possibly in 2016, depending on who you ask).Don’t get us wrong — there’s nothing wrong with dating someone who’s much older or much younger than you are (unless one of you is underage, which is the case in more than one of Wilmer’s relationships).And while neither star ever confessed to the courtship, it’s not uncommon for romantic relationships to bloom while on set.(Please see: all of Hollywood.) Like Valderrama, Kunis’ career became almost non-existent after That ’70s Show wrapped, and it looked like the stunning actress had fallen off the public’s radar for good.Let’s have history speak for itself — what is the Wilmer Valderrama Effect?The Career Pitfall Back when Valderrama was just starting out on That ’70s Show, he developed a relationship with actress Jennifer Love Hewitt.That Valderrama hangover really kicked into full gear on this one.

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Indeed, for only 32 years old, this guy has certainly made the celebrity rounds, but are all these women better for having dated him?

During the Stern interview, Valderrama also claimed that he didn't break up with Lohan so that he could date Ashlee Simpson, which was rumored at the time.