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Perhaps it would have been a good idea to, I don't know, lock the door.

Fritz (Timothy Olyphant, showing zero range), Grady's sleaze ball best friend (tritely, Fritz's profession is "filmmaker"; and he's from big, bad Los Angeles to boot!

In fact, she thinks it noble that he would take care of his adorable son.

Of course, she is also busy having clandestine sex with Fritz in her dead lover's bed, and sitting down for awkward dinners with the woman he secretly had an affair and a child with.

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Given the movie’s androgynous, fishing-oriented title and the heroine’s androgynous, freshwater species of a name, the story could theoretically develop into a muscular drama about a competitive fly-casting tournament hosted by his buddies in the dead man’s memory, during which the grieving almost-bride honors her late beloved by gutting trout on a riverbank. And it’s not enough to blame the movie’s happy, shiny, blue-skies Boulder, Colo., setting for the thin atmosphere.Catch and Release tells of Gray Wheeler (Jennifer Garner), a young woman whose fiancé dies right before their marriage.In fact, the neat, unspecified demise-by-manly-accident, with its luxurious romantic pathos, is announced in Gray’s voice-over in the first scene, a wedding that turns into a funeral.Gray’s new, love-’em-like-brothers roommates include one perfectly decent type (TV-weight cute guy Sam Jaeger) who’s pined for her for years, and one perfectly slackery, infantile, Silent Bob-ish layabout (Silent Bob himself, Kevin Smith) who drinks too much, eats too much, and sounds exactly like Kevin Smith. I’d also ask what Juliette Lewis was doing playing a trampy thing pitched somewhere between a small-town floozy and a New Age kook except that it’s a shame to look a gift ditz in the mouth.

Why does a grieving adult woman move in with such lost boys? Who is this curiously uninquisitive Gray, anyway, who knew so little of the man she was ready to marry after being with him so many years? Lewis’ characteristically piquant participation may be all wrong for the picture.

This, combined with his profession and where he lives, is how we are supposed to know that Fritz is bad.