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Debra Barone is the wife of sports columnist Ray Barone.

She lives with him and their three kids, daughter Ally and twin boys Michael and Geoffrey.

She constantly butts heads with her mother-in-law Marie. In the episode (Bad Moon Rising), it is revealed that Debra has Premenstrual syndrome which explains her irritable and over-emotional behavior. Not much is known about her childhood other than that, and her being raised properly and growing up in an upper-class family, something that once prompts Marie to pressure her into admitting to the Barones that she thinks she is better than they are and how spoiled she is.

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Then, randomly about a month or so after, this guy messages me on Facebook saying, "I am sorry for the random add but someone has been using your pictures — and we've been having a relationship over it." I was like, "What?!Raymond refuses to stand up to his mother despite Debra's constant frustration of being put down and insulted by her mother-in-law.She gets along with her father-in-law Frank for the most part and is a very good friend to Robert, her brother-in-law.Debra was used to dating rich, good-looking guys before meeting Ray, whom she met while he was delivering a futon to her apartment.

At the time, Debra was doing PR work for the NHL hockey team the New York Rangers.To her dismay, Ray's parents Frank and Marie, live directly across the street.