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07-Aug-2017 20:28

For GPSGAY, this element was nearly inherent as both Monteverde and Rodriguez are members of the community their company is trying to serve.

Plus, a majority of the content on the site is user-generated, meaning end-users are the biggest contributors and creators of what the rest of the community reads and interacts with.“You want to see the stories you identify with yourself,” Rodriguez said.

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Additionally, the site specifically focuses on addressing self-esteem and confidence issues felt by the younger members of the LGBT community, who may be grappling with their sexuality.“These kids are looking for role models for interaction with their own kind,” Rodriguez said.“GPSGAY tells them that it’s OK to be gay, that it is not a sickness and that they are not alone.”Before creating the app, Monteverde and Rodriguez found that a large majority of mainstream apps and social media solely catered to heterosexual audiences, ultimately creating an absence of safe online places free of LGBT ridicule and backlash.“In the offline world, communities come together based on gay culture, like in PRIDE parades or film festivals, but that wasn’t being reflected online,” Monteverde said.

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