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If you are looking for some no strings attached fun with horny older women then you are in the right place.We know you don’t want to waste your time on complicated sign-up processes, so we’ve made it quick and to the point.Potplayer turn off my laptop automatically after playing some anime videos ^^so rolled back to Mplayer-WW (without a single problem)I'd like to point out that the downloads you refer to ( from ) do NOT include FFmpeg, Libav and Open Codec when extracting the setup files.Those codecs are a separate download when installing Pot Player using the videohelp version.Having to firewall the application or add those addresses to the HOSTS file seems to defeat the purpose.Updated Portable Pot Player Generator to v3.00. Portable Pot Player Generator_v300(MD5=46DCB04AECFF9D0B0CB116824DBCDCC9) - .

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Check out my Portable Pot Player Generator here : Optional : download 32/64 bit installer, install XMP4 Aero English Skin, create portable in portableapps format, create shortcuts for portable Pot Player.(The program includes 7z.exe, 7z.dll, xmp4 skin & shortcut generator - hence the 1MB size.)On Win SP XP3 x86 - for all versions of Pot Player after v1.5.36421, the app freezes on closing for about 5 seconds.