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Unlike Andrew Auto Transport who have stellar online reviews Because there is so much of the process that is out of the brokers hands, brokers can get a pretty bad reputation online.We do everything we can to manage the process as best as possible. BELOW IS A PREFERRED SHIPPING LIST TO CITIES AND STATES WE MOST FREQUENTLY PICK UP AND DELIVER Birmingham Huntsville Mobile Montgomery Selma Tuscaloosa Anchorage Fairbanks Juneau Flagstaff Mesa Phoenix Scottsdale Tucson Fayetteville Fort Smith Jonesboro Little Rock Texarkana Anaheim Bakersfield Fresno Long Beach Los Angeles Modesto Oakland Sacramento San Diego San Francisco San Jose San Luis Obispo San Rafael Santa Ana Santa Barbara Santa Rosa Aurora Boulder Colorado Springs Denver Fort Collins Danbury Hartford New Haven Dover Wilmington Boca Raton Clearwater Daytona Beach Fort Lauderdale Fort Myers Gainesville Jacksonville Kissimmee Miami Melbourne Naples Ocala Orlando Panama City Pensacola Sarasota St.For these reasons, brokers are available to help you find the right carrier on your requested pick up date for a fair market price.More than 95% of the companies you call or find online are brokers.It doesn’t take much searching to realize that the auto transport industry has a bad reputation. Most auto transport companies do not explain the process. When things do not go exactly according to plan, consumers get frustrated, because after all they need their car! Most brokers have websites that make it seem as though they own the trucks, meaning people place a lot of trust in the brokers estimates of timing and pricing. This means they do not own the car carrier your car will be shipped on.

This, along with our award winning customer service, is why we are rated #1 by auto transport awards Some transport companies have very bad reputations.

They are constantly yelled at, argued with and even stood up in some situations.

They are also handling an 18 wheeler truck trailer on the open road and their caution keeps the roads safe.

You never know when you may need their help Car Carriers have a dynamic and trying job.

Unlike other trucking companies that haul freight to distribution centers, these drivers are delivering door to door for up to 8 clients per trip and have to coordinate schedules with all of them individually.

You will find it nearly impossible to find a trucking transport company directly that is doing your exact requested route on your exact requested dates.