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Changes in infrastructure also affect the Bureau’s network.Over time, towns and cities grow, new roads and airports are built, and rural land use changes.The Bureau’s climate data experts have carefully analysed the digitised data to create a consistent—or homogeneous—record of daily temperatures over the last 100 years.The ACORN-SAT homogenised temperature database comprises 112 carefully chosen locations that maximise both length of record and network coverage across the continent Additionally, the Bureau maintains multiple temperature datasets—analysed in different ways—to provide a consistency check on the accuracy of temperature observations.As Australia is so large and contains a rich variety of climates, climatologists need to carefully account for changes in the network.They need to make sure, for example, that the expansion of the network into the hot desert interior and tropical north have not produced biases in Australian-average temperature over time.

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Each day, automated and semi-automated quality control systems identify observational errors using methods such as comparison with data from nearby sites.

Other tasks require a great deal of scientific knowledge, such as understanding the impact of technology changes on the consistency of the data over time.