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05-Jun-2017 16:26

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We could imagine this structure easily accommodating a type of freemium service where companies and groups could opt to pay for branded channels.

It seems like a reasonable expansion to the overall service without overcomplicating the uber-simplicity of Chatroulette's videoconferencing model.

Likewise, location-based channels taps into a trend that's all the rage these days as sites like Foursquare, Gowalla and others duke it out for the title of most popular checkin service.

Depending on the scope of the region sizes, which are sure to be tweaked over time, Localroulette could perhaps come closer to cultivating some of the spirit that old bulletin-board systems were infused with back in the earlier days of the Internet.

For example, in the case of Chatroulette the only contact address provided is [email protected], which could well be appropriate considering the usefulness of the entire idea.

And in the case of Omegle, there was nothing informative, not even a terms of condition page or a privacy policy.

Created by a Russian school boy, Chatroulette connects millions of strangers in random video conversations.

The web app itself is pretty bare-bones, with two video panes showing the user & you, a huge pane for text chat and a couple of buttons for controlling the chat.

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Hints at a potential business model start showing up with these changes as well.

Omegle has been around for a while connecting random strangers in text chats.

They have added the video chat option very recently.

Chatroulette is finally adding some new features to its ultra-simple video chat format.

Two new theme-specific areas are now on offer: Localroulette automatically routes users to specific location-based channels according to IP address, and Channelroulette lets users set up their own channels based around chosen themes.You should have a email id provided by your University or college to register and take part in a conversation.

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