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Chinese comic books are known as manhua; more traditional ones are read from right-to-left like manga, while more modern ones are read from left-to-right; they also tend to be in color, like mainstream American comics.

It should be noted that the term is getting a broader meaning in certain countries than it once had.

See also Useful Notes/Anime And Manga, Doujinshi (self-published manga), Manga Demographics (including Josei, Kodomomuke, Seinen, Shonen, and Shoujo), Manga Effects, Mangaka (manga authors), Manhwa (Korean), Manhua (Chinese), OEL Manga (English), and Web Comics (digital publishing).

2006 As they already did on 19 January 1992, a large majority of South Ossetians, in a referendum which will change nothing, endorse the fragile and unrecognized independence of South Ossetia from Georgia.

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"In the past, during our grandparents' generation, and maybe even during ours today, there were people who forbade children from reading manga because they thought it'd make them stupid.

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The last page of manga books that are published in the US usually consist of instructions concerning the proper way to read manga books, though some publishers dont include them any more.

Jonathon lived in Key Largo, and was taken to Cuba against the will of his separated father, Jon Colombini, 31.

His mother then takes him to live with her mate's parents in Blanca Arena, 60 km west of Havana. Reverend Jesse Jackson turned up the heat on Texaco on this day, threatening to lead a potentially crippling boycott against the company if the oil giant failed to settle a lingering racial-discrimination lawsuit.

Emperor Akihito, the only son of the late Emperor Showa Tenno Hirohito, is the only Japanese monarch to reign solely as an official figurehead.

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His father, Hirohito, began his reign in 1926 as theoretically absolute, although his powers were sharply limited in practice.

—(061112) 2002 The American Public Health Association, at its annual meeting, adopts a policy urging the food industry, consumers, and the public health community to reduce sodium in diet, which could save 150'000 lives a year in the US.